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Strength resides within 

Beyond all levels of destruction 

It cannot be forgotten with the past 

Its embedded in the soul

It perseveres and is made to last 


The journey is long 

Replete with confusion and dismay 

It isn’t intended for aversion 

It’s a purpose to contend 

Experience your soul’s conversion 


An individual’s strength resides within their person, even after the various levels of destruction they feel they have faced. It is a virtue that deserves remembrance, not something left to be forgotten in the past. It’s forever embedded in the soul, continuously perseveres and can be trusted to last forever.

The Journey of Life is long, with an assortment of adventures replete with confusion and dismay to educate. Diversity isn’t offered for aversion, it’s a contribution to explore. Decide to contend with its objective and immerse in the experience of your soul’s conversion.