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Derived on the belief that everyone is selfless and consistently rooted with authentic love, it’s easy to overlook actual intentions and assume the best. Despite the hope that love takes precedence, love for our individual can’t be expected to be a priority for everyone. An individual can’t await prominent treatment in every endeavor and reality ensures our inability to determine the intentions of others. The thought counts when the truth relays a genuine objective. Even when an intent isn’t obvious, the truth exists and is likely to be revealed.

Expecting the worst isn’t a positive mindset, yet awareness of the balance stabilizes our conscious expectations. Everyone desires care and is justified to care for their person. When drawn to accomplish a retribution, act with a loving heart as a contribution.

Thoughts of what should be isn’t influential, concentration can only be on the self. If love is the quest, then demonstrating it would be best. Judge not the actions of others, work individually on the thoughts that count.

Receptively respect a situation for what it is, liberate the conceptions in the mind and manifest an atmosphere of love. Have faith that there is reason behind all actions and trust that objectives indicated are for consideration. Believe with the heart, think with the mind and determine the outcome desired. The thought counts when we contribute selflessly with love.