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As much as we want to be strong 

To act it would be wrong 

It wouldn’t be your best interest 

To defy balance and not rest


Follow your heart and understand 

You’re not here on demand 

Your heart is still there, though you are not 

Loving yourself, you should be caught 


There are times when I want to follow my ambitions and not allow others to be aware of my weakness, but acting strong wouldn’t be truthful for me. Despite how I could appear for others, it wouldn’t be in my best interest to act against myself. No matter where my ambitions may be, I can’t defy the balance my life requires and deny myself some loving care. 

In my heart, I know what is best for me and I should openly follow the instructions to understand myself. I must remember that I don’t have to act on demand. I’m still supporting with my heart, even though I’m not present there. Loving myself, an act I should be proud getting caught at because it helps me to be myself and it makes it possible to be there for others.