If people were clones, then life would be wondrous with a standardized way of living. We may assume that a solution for our person would be good for others, but that would ignore that every person is an individual with their own way to live. Solutions are discovered in life, but they can’t be applied to every situation if we want to maintain our awareness and continue to grow. 

Despite the inability to accept a standard solution, people wouldn’t be learning if they didn’t attempt the option. How would we know that its unproductive if we didn’t try? Why would we judge the possibility if we haven’t attempted to find its niche for our person? Answers will be found after experimentation and, then, our perspective would be more valid.

Life is a journey for exploration, we just never know until we try. Liberate the conception that a standardized method is acceptable for everyone, explore your possibilities and cultivate an individual solution that coincides with you. People may not be clones, but they can always choose to learn from what life offers.