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There are many parts of us that are like toys 

Intended for us to discover and enjoy 

Individual assets that are valuable parts 

Regarded deeply in our heart 


Even with a flaw, it can’t be mistreated

That’s only admittance of defeat 

Accept its role within your days 

Part of you and with you to stay 


Despite the inability an injury may cause, the only way to regain our ability is by using our parts. There are various ways to initiate an exercise and by perceiving it with fun, it makes the process more enjoyable to discover.

A person would never want to discard a part of their person, it’s an individual asset that holds great value. Even if it’s currently flawed, it isn’t something to mistreat because that would progress it to a defeat.

Patience is required to accept its role for now. It always deserves respect for being existent and diligence to develop it into an active part to cherish. Explore the abilities, play with the parts and continue to regard it deeply in your heart.