Even with a strong appearance 

There could be a layer of incoherence 

It could be an attitude 

Expressing a sense of platitude. 


Do not make your own assumptions 

Accept with love, then make your own resumption 

There’s no reason to exclude 

Never permit anger to delude 


Sometimes, a first conception of another person says that they’re a strong force that we don’t want to contend with, but is our first impression true? Already the thought leads to an incoherence because we can’t read the other person. 

How are we to know if it’s just an attitude they’re expressing that has no personal relation to us? What are they trying to say? It can be received as a platitude, but what benefit would that gain? 

It’s never logical to react on an assumption, it’s more peaceful to accept lovingly and resume a path of understanding. There isn’t much reason to exclude a person based on a negative reaction. Anger shouldn’t be permitted to delude your thoughts or verify your actions. Respect what you’re given and find answers to your questions. The reasons uncovered may lead to unforeseen treasures.