Despite the possibility of an inflamed ego, preventing the recognition of individual greatness doesn’t balance the issue, it develops into a limitation of individual awareness. Consciousness of potentiality is only a problem when a person doesn’t acknowledge the truth and chooses to indulge in their success.

Having been taught that admitting my greatness would lead to becoming selfish, I lived life following my heart but fearful to recognize what I did. I thought I was being good, but I ended up building frustrations because I didn’t believe I was good. Compliments were received, but I denied them to avoid selfishness.

Everyone requires balance in life to reach their full potential. Overlooking greatness to avoid a negative outcome doesn’t lead to comprehension, it evades the situation and realization is lost. To immerse thoughts in a personal success and deny the various successes in our environment constructs a self-centered universe without reality. Only when one refuses to look beyond their person would they be succumbing to selfishness.

When a person hasn’t realized who they are and what they stand for, recognition from others are difficult to understand. Admitting our person doesn’t have to mean that we only see our self, it’s a step towards knowing who we are and clarifying our next step in life.

Nobody is good all the time, but everyone is given the chance to be their best. Greatness will evolve with development and the balance of good/bad or best/worst is a natural part of self-realization. The answers aren’t always transparent, but every discovery leads to a truth.

Don’t hide from your greatness to avoid the worst, acknowledge your achievement and determine your next goal. Everybody deserves recognition for their efforts and are entitled to realize their accomplishments to establish new goals. Trust the confidence in who you are, pursue the failures that make you learn and follow your heart to embrace the unique individual you are. Have faith in the greatness in you and in the environment around you.