Opportunities sprout

But the road looks unpaved 

How are we to truly know? 

Is this what we truly craved?


Hope sheds a new light 

With dark mists of doubt 

Are we up to continue? 

Are we willing to find out? 


Courage fuels the drive 

And clears out the clouds 

We are being drawn forward

Step forth and be proud 


Life opportunities sprout in our lives at unexpected moments. I can recognize opportunity but, due to uncertainty, I question and analyze it. It’s a temptation to follow but where will it go? Is it really what I want to know?

I see the opportunity as a light, but my doubts create a dark mist that makes the vision less transparent.  Do I have the will to continue? Am I willing to discover? The questions flood my mind and I have to step back to decide my answers. I need to reassess myself, choose my battle and determine the achievement to strive for.

Knowing what I want to accomplish awakens my courage. I am fueled with confidence to step out of the clouds and accept the gift beyond the mist. Opportunities are there to draw us forward and encourage us to step out of our comfort zone. I don’t want to hide in the doubts and fears, I want to step forth and be proud that I am trusted to accomplish a challenge that will assist me to grow.