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If it was easier to let go and defy, instead of holding on and denying, people would easily be enlightened by life.

Knowledge and spirituality go hand in hand to support a person’s path to enlightenment but it’s an individual responsibility to determine what to do with the information. In a world where knowledge is encompassed in every environment, how does a person decipher the meaning without experiencing it on their own?

Knowledge provides a security, attracting a person to use their mind, but without letting some of it go and venturing to defy its specified meaning, a person accepts what they’re given without realization. Knowledge is a source that encourages discovery by invoking curiosity. It provides a path to begin the journey, but the will to learn must be aroused to achieve the journey. Knowledge is necessary to begin, but it isn’t the only source for a complete experience.

Spirituality entices people to use their heart and balances an experience. Knowledge is required to be forgotten to be receptive to reality. Intelligence will still exist and evolve, but holding on to it would be living in the past and denying a present opportunity. Following the spirit abdicates the security that information provided and guides one to reveal diversity. Acknowledgement with the heart enlightens wisdom.

Embrace the many gifts life provides. Acquire knowledge to determine your journey, then let it go to defy habitual adventures and use your heart to make a personal distinction. Permit knowledge and spirituality to assist you together and awaken the light intended to influence your existence.