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It isn’t about how it can be received, it’s about how you choose to have it perceived.

There’s an assortment of situations that occur in life that causes questions of where we stand. Everyone wants respect and have justified occurrences in life, but there is no control over what life provides. It can be easy to criticize others, but we can’t overlook what is contributed and how to accept the situation.

As a parent, I try my best to advise my child and, sometimes, it’s agreed upon. When I get ignored, I want to scold my child, but I recognize that exploration is needed for learning. These are the times when I must step back and recall that I don’t know everything because I’m a mother, I must be conscious that I’m also a person learning in life. Maybe my child needs room to grow or maybe it’s time to look at myself and decide on changes to achieve my purpose.

I can discuss a life event with others and awaken a sea of controversial perspectives but, in the end, it is up to me to be aware of my values and objectives. Life isn’t perfection, but I can choose what to learn and how to continue.

Life is a turbulent ocean to sail through, but it offers many gifts that deserve respect, regardless how we feel in the moment. Release the negative conceptions, explore the positive possibilities and indulge in the lack of control to learn more. Life is an extravagant gift with many layers of wrapping to uncover.