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Hard or easy? Do I want freedom or dependence? Everyone has a choice to make and it will influence the course of life. What is desirable in one moment can awaken unwanted consequences for the journey to success. It’s always resolved by acknowledging the results to achieve. All paths include adversity, every hardship can be considered a step forward. 

A person can’t foresee the exact path life is guiding towards, but they can choose the success to attain by accepting what’s given. The journey may appear to be lengthened by obscure events, but the choices made are influential to the outcome. Realization of the truth requires patience, while anticipation of the prize is a distraction from reality.

Throughout my stroke recovery, I received suggestions that imply a quicker way to obtain independence. A motorized wheelchair was an option, but I didn’t want to get used to being in a wheelchair. If I chose freedom through a motorized wheelchair, I would’ve forgotten to use my legs and the motivation to get on my feet would’ve been lost.

Then I was encouraged to use a cane and it wasn’t understood why I refused. I avoided the use of a cane because I could feel my dependence on it. Every time I had it in my hand, I was leaning on my right side instead of using the side I needed to recover. Using a cane made me feel dependent and more scared to experiment with my abilities.

After I started to trust my left leg, a walking stick became necessary to build my endurance, but having trained without a cane for a few months, I was more aware of what I had to concentrate on. The walking stick helped for a while, then progress informed me that it was time to trust my body. Even awareness with the stick didn’t prevent me from becoming dependent on it.

All my choices for the hard road came down to the independence that I envisioned in my mind. I didn’t want an immediate sense of independence, I wanted to work hard with myself to be confident in the freedom I achieved.

 Hardships are negative when the situation is foreseen as impossible, but after the experience, the gifts are slowly uncovered for realization. Difficulties can be respected as fertilization for growth. Liberate your fears, concentrate on your goals and cultivate the willpower to experience your path. It may not be easy, but the gifts discovered will be life treasures to cherish.