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Controversial questions can spark doubts in the mind, but the purpose of a question is beneficial to consider. Questions can come from any person and can be interpreted in many ways, yet they represent the first step to a path of knowledge. 

As a parent, I didn’t understand why my child asked so many questions. At first, the questions felt like interruptions but then I witnessed the progression of the thoughts. I began to realize that the questions represented the curiosity to learn.

As my child grew older, I required a new way to understand my child’s thoughts. Questions became the simplistic method to research. Despite questions easily being misinterpreted, they’re a wondrous way to communicate and learn. It assisted me to bond with my child and gain the information required to support.

Communication is necessary in all relationship and it doesn’t only represent the exchange of words. Communication is a method of expression, one that relates our feelings and concerns. Words spoken share the respect we emanate, and questions direct our conversations. Every word spoken has meaning, for our self and for others.

Despite how questions can raise uncertainty, they are beneficial to extract information, express our thoughts and share knowledge. Speak with more than just words, express yourself and utilize questions to direct the conversation. We all have an objective to share, openly unveil your purpose and indulge in the bonds communication creates.