Why aren’t compliments graciously accepted? 

When striving for a big goal, concentration is on the prize and the steps in between can get overlooked. A personal focus is on the result and the observations made by others aren’t immediately understood.

The truth is that a compliment can be hard to accept when I don’t feel I’ve completed my goal. A compliment from another doesn’t speed up my process of realization. I want to enjoy the admiration received but I don’t want to break my concentration. I try to accept the comment, but my mind refocuses by explaining my purpose. I don’t mean to sound like I don’t understand the compliment, I am just trying to accept myself and process the realization for myself.

When we observe another, it’s due to what we see from where we are. Just because a person is living the life, it doesn’t mean that they’re fully aware in the moment. Everyone needs time to reflect on their life and will do so at their own pace.

It’s respectful to acknowledge the care received but it isn’t logical to expect conscious awareness all the time. Everyone has an individual method of processing. Welcome your compliments as loving care, assess its meaning and continue to strive for you. Even if you’re not ready to hear the compliment, it was given because it was well deserved.