I feel blessed to have earned the confidence of the people around me, but I wonder if their expectations of me are fair. I know I’ve demonstrated a determined spirit and don’t converse about the fears and changes that I face, but it doesn’t mean that the fears and changes have no effect on me. I can be optimistic and determined but I also must remain realistic about the progress that occurs. 

Not all changes are caused by the progress of my work, sometimes changes occur because life evolves, and I’m required to assess my capabilities to survive. I can’t expect to do what others do but I work with my resources to adjust to the circumstances. 

I choose to remain silent because it helps me to clarify my concentration. I admit I forget to inform people but keeping the thoughts to myself prevents me from anticipating irrelevant worries. When I express my thoughts to others, I’m often met with perspectives I can’t understand or haven’t foreseen as a possibility, yet. It’s easier to listen to my inner voice by keeping the changes to myself and slowly acknowledging my present self. When I trust the person that I am, physically and spiritually, I will share myself but, until then, people only get to witness my determination and eventual progress. 

I won’t strive to satisfy the expectations of others because I must know myself first. I’m grateful for the confidence I receive but I can’t permit it to distract me from my required self-discovery. I’ve never been good at thinking of myself first, but I have to do it to become aware of my person. I’m grateful for all the loving care I receive but I must concentrate with myself to realize who I am and who I can be for others. 

Every individual must venture on a journey shared with no other to discover their person. There will never be a specific path for everyone, but everyone can achieve the connection with who they are.