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Just go to a professional and the problem will be minimal.

If all changes begin with you, why do people like to advise us to visit a professional to make everything better? How does assistance from a stranger resolve all our problems? How are we to expect that a single person could resolve the problems of various individuals with similar but different problems? Is it wise to expect that another person can know our full story after a single meeting?

When a challenge emerges in life, it’s easy to believe that a single solution can be found to resolve the issue but the responsibility to work with yourself can’t be neglected. A problem may appear in one form but can also introduce a myriad of messes that require mending.

Since I was eleven, I thought that I had to get rid of my physical disability to achieve independence. After advancing a few steps closer to defeat the physical disability, I’ve realized that I also must find my person to accomplish successful independence. It isn’t just physical work that I’m required to complete, it’s also my spirituality and individuality.

I’m not trying to say that a professional can’t help a person in need, I just want people to be aware that they’re not there to distribute success. Professionals, as well as family and friends, offer great assistance with their knowledge and it will always be an individual responsibility to strive for success.

Awaken your inner desires, follow the path you discover (even if it is a professional) and consciously engage yourself in the myriad of new knowledge to obtain success. The work comes from you, even if help from others are required. Liberate your limitations and explore the various gifts life offers.