When it’s important for us to communicate, its significant for us to reciprocate.

Everyone gets lost in their thoughts and are not always aware of where their thoughts will lead. I recognize this every time I’m about to make a self-discovery. My thoughts dart in different directions and my emotions scare me into confusion.

There are times when I’m focused on a thought and I think I’ve communicated it but, I haven’t shared my thoughts. I question why the other person hasn’t completed what I want and I get mad at them for not doing it. I get a defensive response and when I leave in frustration, I realize that I’m angered because they haven’t accomplished what I want.

Realization that I must independently work for what I want makes me feel helpless initially but admitting my ability and choosing independence leads me to realize that it isn’t the other person that I’m fighting, it was just part of realizing what I needed to do.