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When you’re feeling down,

It brings out your frown.

It causes many questions why

But you never answer, so I can’t comply


I want to assist,

You choose to resist.

I let you make your decisions

And I don’t guarantee any precisions


As a parent, I want to do my very best to help my child but she’s not always ready to share her thoughts. I’d like to think that she feels safe to confide in me but I remember that she has her own experiences to go through.

Sometimes, negativity is detected but I can’t know the reasons why until she shares with me. I ask myself questions and theorize the reasons why but can have no success until she shares. The instinct to be a mother can speak so loud but, when the help is refused, I must step back and free my child to make her choices.

I get scared letting her go because I want the best for her, but I know she can’t learn without experiencing mistakes on her own. As a mother, I can’t promise perfection but I can promise my support when it is needed. Letting go of my child isn’t easy but I know it’s the greatest way to love and teach.