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Is agreement truly peaceful? Despite the lack of negative energy, is peace accomplished by avoiding conflict?
I find my individual peace is achieved when my desires are satisfied, but to what depth am I willing to sacrifice and how long am I willing to persist to obtain my goal? I don’t want to run head first into conflict but I don’t want to compromise who I am to create an illusion of peace. Suppressing who I am or what I want will silence initial conflict but it will arouse a deeper anger in me for giving up on what I need. I can have strength to sacrifice when I see potential good but if I don’t understand the good, I will feel unappreciated and defeated.
Conflict isn’t always the best solution but, sometimes, it’s an exercise to fight for myself. I know myself best, I have the best vision of who I am and what I want. If I don’t communicate my thoughts or work for it, then I have to accept that I will never receive it. Will that acceptance bring me peace, even if relations are quiet with the other person? Will it mean that I have been understood? Or will the peace I created be a deception to us both?