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What does it mean to be crazy and how is it an acceptable characteristic to possess?

Crazy is a characteristic that can be viewed in two different perspectives. Negatively, it represents an impractical mindset but, positively, it demonstrates an intense enthusiasm. Acting crazy is simply a form of expression and it is an acceptable characteristic to possess because sharing practices individuality and conduct is a personal choice.

When exhibited positively, being crazy displays a content, exuberant spirit. A profound eagerness to indulge in an endeavor is demonstrated and will radiate an innocent and energetic fulfillment. A crazy spirit can be indication of an established conviction.

A crazy person who wishes to share will generate an abundant supply of laughter and zealous smiles. They are perceived as being youthful at heart because of their passionate and cheerful energy. Their attention may not immediately be recognized but vitality is easily detected.

Never exclusively determine ‘crazy’ as a negative attribute, it also deserves a positive perspective. Establish your aspirations, choose your choice of conduct and freely express who you are. Being crazy may not be understood but every person has the right to denote the person they are. Be crazy, explore your person and exhibit your individuality. Crazy is acceptable when shared with love from your person.

I’ve been called crazy often by my family and friends and I used to be offended, then I found what being crazy means to me. Now, I am proud to be called crazy because being crazy gave me strength to pursue my life and I’m happy to enthusiastically accept what life gives me.