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Repetition can be good when we are learning new things. It’s helpful to root the memory but what happens when it turns into a habit? How much information do we retain when it’s a habit? What level is our awareness when it becomes a routine? 

The fears awakening in me have stemmed from these thoughts. I can admire my determination to recover from my stroke but with the repetition required to teach my brain, I wonder if I have become a robot programed by habit. 

The changes that happens in every phase makes me question if it’s progressing or if I’m blinded by hope. The repetition makes it feel like it doesn’t improve and my awareness of my efforts are diminished by my expectations. 

Just like in all areas of life, I must find the balance for me. Repetition isn’t bad, as long as I remember its purpose and remain conscious of who I am and what I want. I won’t drop my repetition but it’s time to add some spices to make the moments feel brand new.