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The beauty of a love song is that we can imagine its meaning in a variety of ways. When we are searching for love from another, we can listen to it as if that person is speaking to us. When we want to express our love to another, we can imagine saying those words with the same spirit the song holds. When we are fighting to love our self, we can imagine the song as a loving message to our self, from our self.

I am searching to love myself but I am scared to accept it. I’m afraid that I don’t deserve it but I know that it’s needed. As I listen to a variety of love songs and pay attention to the words, I realize that I’m pushing my own love away due to fears and haven’t accepted what love is. There is no reason to push myself away because I am the strongest person for me. Despite all the fears, I am the one who wants to fight for me and I am the one who knows how to support me.

There is still so much to discover and they will all scare and teach but I can’t allow my fears to prevent me from knowing who I am. It’s time to hear my message, it’s time to accept my love, it’s time to believe in me.