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It has been a very long time since I’ve allowed myself to be free to express my thoughts without editing. Thank you for being open, please enjoy =) 

There are so many quests to take on in life but the greatest one is the quest to conquer yourself. I feel that it’s a difficult quest but it is the greatest one because it’s continuous and it never lets me stop or get bored. The prizes of pursuing myself are satisfying in the end but the journey always feels like a turbulent storm of emotions.

I enjoy the experience of knowing what I want while getting challenged to be confident. There are times when I have to be myself and times when I have to come out of myself to know where I actually am. I want to say that I know me but I have to admit that I don’t, because I keep changing. I want to tell myself to stop but I don’t want to give up on the opportunity, I want to believe that I can be better.

Improvements motivate me but I want to know if I know who I am. I want to ask everyone around me for answers but I know that only I know the truth. Will I truly be able to keep up the spirit to continue? I know I have so far and I love the gifts I’ve received. How could I possibly think that continuous perseverance will bring me to a dead end? I know it won’t, I just have no idea what accomplishments to foresee. Maybe I’m just not meant to know, how would I enjoy a surprise if I could predict everything?

As my thoughts spill out, my determination is slowly being reorganized and confidence in my greatest quest is making me realize that it is my favorite quest. I’m not going to know the outcomes and I will accept my discoveries as rewards. I will never give up on the quest to know myself because I never want to be bored. I will appreciate the constant reminders of who I am and who I can be by facing them. For every change that occurs, I will satisfy my ambition, solidify my person and certify my contributions.