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Our Natural Affinity

What is the Power of Love? How does a person manifest its existence into their lives? The Power of Love is the positive energy that a person generates through appreciation and open acceptance. Practicing the acknowledgement of all the gifts that life presents develops a contentment that progresses to the understanding of how all life events are inter-related. With recognition of how all occurrences can be respected as beneficial contributions towards personal growth for the Journey of Life, the Power of Love will continuously generate and provide the gratification required to achieve a fulfilling journey.

An individual will always adventure an assortment of experiences that are exclusive to their person and they are solely responsible for how it is accepted. Within the decision to accept what is, the choice of what type of energy to develop is made. When positivity is sustained, a person’s capabilities will forever evolve. The opportunities that are possible to acquire will emerge endlessly.

To find belief in the Power of Love will be a distinct adventure for each person who wishes to attempt the exploration. As rewarding as the accomplishment may sound in the moment, the process promises that a person will explore a diverse range of trials before truly knowing if it is their desired path.

The demonstration of Love communicates a natural affinity that creates a comfort for the process of new relationships. With the practice of the Power of Love, belief that every new encounter in life has a purpose exists and feelings of regret aren’t easily justified. Disappointment and confusion are still encountered along the journey but each experience that merits these feelings also functions as reminders of favorable things already received within our lives. Life will never reach our perceived perfection, however, with the routine of being appreciative and openly accepting, the positive energy that we develop will ultimately serve our desired purpose.