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Every Occurrence

The ambivalence of life initiates imaginative preventions that questions our intentions but every individual possesses an inner motivation to complete. Diverse situations encountered make us wonder why we continuously pursue our goals. Despite the doubts gathered, answers can be found in our person. Individuals strive to satisfy their ambitions, solidify who they are and certify their contributions to life.

How is a continuous pursuit satisfying? When a desired vision is implanted in the mind, every action to assist the goal justifies the development and prevents it from deteriorating. New experiences provide new knowledge, amplifies capabilities and satisfies the ambition to do more.

How does every occurrence solidify our person? Every situation that occurs offers various lessons to realize. An event may be difficult in the moment but it is an encouragement to assess, reflect and recognize conscious awareness. Every life challenge requires the use of abilities to succeed. Persevering a challenge provides practice and heightens attention of competence.

How do our efforts certify our contributions? Actions are expressions of core beliefs and offers proof of individual aspirations. Knowledge evolves gradually; an effort in the present is an important contribution for completion. With patience, all efforts develop with time and is a valid certification for a person.

Control can’t fully be obtained when adventuring in life but imaginative preventions aren’t deserving of concentration. Determine your inner motivation, accept diverse situations as donations to your purpose and indulge in the experience of self-discovery. Continuously pursue your goals to satisfy your ambition, solidify your person and certify your contributions to life.