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What is an advocate?

An advocate represents an assistive support to our person, another individual who participates working towards a distinguished goal, commonly concurred. An advocate is an individual with who we take into our trust to work towards a verifying purpose. Together, you will strive to achieve with consistent consideration for each other’s ambitions.

Between advocates, an obvious friendship of reciprocated energy is formed. A charismatic loyalty is developed, forming a strong foundation for mutual understanding. Through acceptance of an advocate, the Power of Love is being administered. A reciprocal agreement to be teammates is established and the energy to face all hardships is combined to follow through with endurance.

An advocate in life is a treasure that deserves our honesty and devotion because, without them, the possibility of our accomplishments may not have become a reality. Without the maintenance of a reciprocating relationship, the bond of friendship will get lost and an advocate will no longer exist.

Take notice of all the advocates within your life and shower them with appreciation. Reciprocate the love they provide and generate an everlasting bond to withstand the Journey of Life together. Without the assistance of the people we love, we wouldn’t constantly harvest the motivation to proceed.