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Live and GrowEvery individual will encounter moments of discovery and be nervous about what others may be thinking or expressing. It all simmers down to the realization that we are being our own worst critic. It isn’t of great significance what another may know or what they choose to show, what’s truly important is the choice to personally live and grow. 

Discovery is essential to the development of who we wish to be and it won’t be acknowledged by anyone but you. Although an intention can be identified by others, it is an individual responsibility to concede our objective. Motivation emanates from an individual focus and influenced by specific goals. Every ambiguous venture will uncover new knowledge to realize and the choice to accept remains an intimate decision.

Celebrating with others may be joyous but until a person consciously welcomes it, the purpose will dissipate and the opportunity will be lost. Don’t anticipate the reaction from another person, their response has no significance to you without your consent. Honor your achievements to express your contentment and rest assured that your spirit conveys your true purpose.

Assert your journey for development and relieve your mind of the anxiety of determining someone else’s perception. Consolidate your desires to prosper freely and direct your energy to contribute to your success. Liberate your thoughts so that you may live and grow. Remember, your only concern is what you decide to know and show.