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FRIENDSHIPWhat is friendship and why is it a valued gift for life?

A friendship is formed with others whom we have favorable relations with.  Friendship is developed when our spirit makes an intimate connection with another spirit. Friendships can be formed with other spirits who we are blessed to meet. When a connection has been established, a mutual respect is formed and the relationship will have the potential to survive together in life.

Friendships will radiate an amiable unity and can be considered an imperative accessory for learning. As stages of uncertainty are encountered in life, a friend provides a confident support to encourage our growth. Every party in a friendship will actively contribute and receive the gifts of love.

Within a friendship, an exclusive preference and a nuance of Love can be distinguished. Between friends, understanding is demonstrated and a secluded significance is recognized as participants heed their friendship with extreme care.

Friendship exhibits intimate interactions and is a fundamental principle for socialization.  Every new relationship deserves to progress into a friendship and awaken the potential that life offers. A valued friendship provides us the opportunity to explore our individuality while enjoying our desire to associate with others.