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What does it mean to be unified and what kind of benefits can it offer an individual?

When a person acknowledges their individuality, they are open to unify their range of unique traits emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. To be unified is to realize a comfort with your person without requiring an approval from an outside force.

When unification has been achieved, a deeper recognition of desires, values and goals are distinguished and motivation is secure to be unhindered by any influences encountered. Knowledge of your person indulges you in the freedom to do as you wish naturally like an instinct. Self-confidence is identified when we are unified with our person and assists us to implement our personal beliefs into our conduct.

Continuous practice of the person that we are fortifies our existing skills and liberates us to explore new ways to enhance our person. Assurance that our natural ways prevail for our person inspires us to realize the identity we have formulated and we are prepared to accept the eternal possibilities offered for our development.

A unification determines the direction in life we venture because it encompasses our whole person. To be unified entails an awareness for our fears, abilities and desires from our past, in the present and for our future. A comprehension of our person benefits our person by allowing our assured knowledge to be the foundation that administers our behavior. Courage will be initiated by our cognizance and our motivation for life will be definite.