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Beliefs within us will simply grow and be learned; after a life of experience, a mark within us it will burn.

A variety of beliefs dwell in the mind of every individual. They are created through the observations of our surroundings and the experiences we’ve obtained. Some beliefs will fortify through practice and some may dissipate due to its lack of influence upon our lives. Regardless of how a belief is awakened, its continuous application will initiate its purpose for our person.

Every new experience will facilitate the lessons that have been acquired by our person. The present experience may appear brand new but a familiarity with the situation may reveal that the current situation is a reincarnation of a previous moment that requires equivalent consideration to reinforce our skills. Practices to fortify our person will diversify as our development progresses and our memory of its use will intensify after every occurrence it has been utilized.

Cherished beliefs have earned our confidence through its defined use within our lives. It will not bestow a solitary solution for all our life’s endeavor but it will perform as a guiding light towards an amenity for our person.

Reflect upon the experiences of your life and acknowledge the beliefs within your person. They may not be the solution for every problem but they may be the primary lessons that have formed your person. Frequently discipline your beliefs and realize its significance upon your person. Our beliefs are the foundation of our person and it deserves the freedom to express who we are.