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ADVERSITYWhat is adversity and how is it a favorable way of living?

Adversity is an individual’s ability to adapt to the variety of circumstances life offers. With an openness to comply to all experience, development is initiated towards a diligent spirit acquiring the ambition to become a valiant pursuer of the many lesson life offers.

The process towards adversity requires an experimental personality that is prepared to encounter hardship and willing to recognize every small gift life presents. With adversity, an individual becomes a retainer of conflicting knowledge and aspires to be a survivor in all situations. Acceptance of adverse circumstances will incline a spirit to be adventurous and initiates a lot of self-discovery.

Adversity is a favorable thesis for living because it provides a personal yearning to experience more. As each misfortune is stumbled upon, an adverse spirit will have a curiosity enlightened to motivate them to discover true understanding.