Children are not a Parent’s Worth, They’re Wondrous Gifts from Birth

As a parent, we invest a lot of time and effort into our children’s upbringing. Due to our desire for the very best for them, we’re naturally proud when our child excels but we should never misinterpret their success to be our worth. Despite the involvement contributed to their lives, it is vital that we recognize that they are their own individual with their own journey to discover. If we wish to acknowledge our own worth and enhance our recognition of their worth, then it’s our responsibility to realize our self and distinguish what belongs to us and what does not. Recognition of our children’s individuality is of equitable significance as the recognition of our own individuality.

Recognition of individuality, in our self and others, heightens our appreciation for the unique gifts that every person contributes and erases our need to compare our worth. Without the need to analyze, our stress to gain approval is eliminated and our actual gifts are realized.

Every person’s journey begins with the self. A person’s worth is determined by what they choose to realize and should only be distinguished on their own. The opinions we hear from others will confuse us and distract us from the clarity we seek. Comprehension may not dawn on us immediately but it will be our motivation to find it that makes the truth transparent.

When we can’t determine our self-worth, we become despondent and this is reflected upon our actions. The aura that we exhibit is a great influence. If we wish to encourage our children to grow, we must also be an example of growth. We can’t expect appreciation from others without contributing our share.

As a respectful individual and parent, it is our fate to remain true to our person, be open to the gifts others bestow and to cultivate the talents we recognize in our children. We will appreciate our worth when we reflect upon the actions we have contributed and admit that we can’t control the results that are distributed. Life will remain a mysterious journey but it doesn’t mean that our efforts have no significance.

Children are wondrous gifts from birth, offering obligations we shouldn’t deny our person. We spend a lot of energy observing and guiding their development, only to realize that they, too, are a great assistance for our personal growth. We will always want to remain a part of their lives, even in the times when we must admit that watching from a distance is a joy. They will flourish individually and we can remain proud knowing that we contributed. Witnessing their growth will always be reminder of our capabilities and attest the reasons why we are valued.

Published by Astrid's Words

Astrid Hardjana-Large is an inspirational author who enjoys Life and adversity. She is motivated to share her inspiration from Life experiences and encourages readers to persevere on the journey of Life.

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