“We all look at things in our own way but, the judgements we come up with, are not always for us to say.”

Every individual is unique with an exclusive set of abilities, experiences and preferences. An assortment of similarities may be detected within a group but, in the end, a similarity doesn’t determine individuality. A person has the potential to connect with another but they will never be able to depict the exact thoughts and feelings that another individual possesses. There will always be one person that an individual will have an authentic realization of and it will be their own person.

A loving person may desire to advise another but every person needs to accept that a substantial comprehension will not always be accomplished. An individual’s interpretation of a situation always derives from their distinct character and will not commensurate with another perspective. A situation can be viewed from a variety of angles and every opinion is valid but only one person may determine the decision meant for their person.

As genuine as one’s intentions may be, it will never be a responsibility to establish the objective required by another. We are free to share our point of view to assist another person but the final realization is for them to recognize.  There will always be a time when the wisest form of support to offer is personal space for them to decipher their own life.

As experienced as a person may become in life, every individual remains extraordinary due to their distinct lives. Our individual judgements will always pertain to our lives but they may remain irrelevant for a separate individual. An open ear will suffice as a support and encouragement because the energy our care expresses is an assistance on its own.  Every person deserves to experience their individuality, even if their journey is required to be achieved on their own. Share your opinions to continuously contribute to life and enjoy watching all the unique individuals flourish around you.