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PERFECTIONWhat is perfection and why is it not a plausible goal to work towards?

Perfection could only be a reality if life didn’t guarantee that everything would continuously evolve. With constant changes occurring, perfection is a perceived excellence that emanates from personal expectations. Every person holds an ambition that motivates them to strive but the path to success can never completely be calculated without anticipating unpredictable circumstances.

An image of perfection is generated individually, resulting from our desires and our response to the influences we encounter. The belief in perfection can develop into a deception that fuels self-doubt. Despite possible advances, it becomes an endless journey when we are unwilling to allow our perception to mature. Without the continuous acceptance of change, the perfection we imagine becomes a chameleon of failure that exists in our mind.

Perfection is a delusion that taunts our mind with dishonest fantasies. When we choose to not authorize the changes meant for our person, we are permitting ourselves to living in an imaginative reality lacking certainty and overlooking the truth.

There will never be anything wrong with the aspiration to be the very best that we can be but the choice to believe in perfection will only be a constant nub of displeasure. Endure the progression life offers and enthusiastically welcome diverse circumstances as opportunities to grow into the individual you are meant to be. A deceptive imagination will never serve to continuously motivate in reality.