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perceptionWhat is perception and does every person obtain their own set of perceptions?

Perception is a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes. It is an act of cognition that is applied to the Journey of Life. Every person obtains an exclusive set of perceptions because they acquire individual experiences, ethics and aspirations.

Perception is a personal viewpoint that emphasizes a person’s foundational beliefs. When a perception is expressed, they have decided to retain an opinion and are sharing their cognitive understanding. Perception will continuously evolve with the changes that influence life. A clarified perception pertains to experiences collected on the Journey of Life.

An individual perception may be considered trivial when explained to a person who is adamant on a focused thought but it doesn’t eliminate the purpose of sharing an alternate idea. Without new thoughts to consider, perception will be rooted and denied the opportunity to grow. Perception is impervious to change without our personal consent to respect its possibilities.

Although a perception will continually evolve as life proceeds, it originates from our beliefs and is valued as a nominal vision for our person. A perception will be affected by the circumstances of life but its base will remain a reflection of the person we desire to be.