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Religion is a set of beliefs and practices concerning the nature and purpose of the universe. A religious community is comprised of an assortment of individuals who participate in a shared principle. Religion can be perceived as a gateway of learning for individuals inclined to explore their spirituality. There will never be a single religion that will satisfy the full mass of people in our world but, through being a unified community, a religion has the potential to enlighten their followers.

Of all the religions that can be explored, respect is a common foundation that is distributed among its members. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. Although this lesson is repeated, we must remain conscious that the journey of life may influence people to stray from this concept. As developments happen, there will be many situations to encounter and many decisions to accept and decide upon. When a person errs from respectful conduct, it isn’t a time to judge them harshly. Accept it openly, have faith that they are evolving and honestly share the trail to respect. Every believer can cultivate a receptive attitude to reciprocate the depth of their conviction.

When a religion is guided by love, their community has the capability to cultivate more love and attain peace with differing religions.  Awareness that every individual is unique, regardless of their chosen path of faith, will contribute to a simultaneous comprehension. There will never be a pair of identical members in a society, every individual is guided by exclusive experiences. Lessons can be taught consistently but the result will be determined by the recipient.

Even in a society navigated by a solitary faith, misconceptions are destined to arise because every individual flourishes a distinct set of values, desires and adventures that influence them. Every realization that dawns on a person will occur when the lesson is appropriate for them and all circumstances can be honored as nourishment for growth. With patient confidence, purpose will blossom and be recognized.

A chosen religion is a welcome community amenable to students yearning to discover. Many concepts will be perceived in different lights and it is an individual’s responsibility to acknowledge the morality that accommodates them. Be open to exploration, prepare yourself to practice actuality and evolve into the person you want to be. Make your choice and proceed with your journey to self-realization.