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Believing is an essential element in the adventure towards achievement but we must realize that it is simply the first step to take and the element to continuously maintain throughout the process. A belief serves as a motivation and the strength of our belief contributes to our capabilities to conquer our quest.

A belief cannot be expected to blossom without cultivation. A constant reconnection with our beliefs will establish its purpose. When its purpose is clarified, it will determine our path. A strong belief has the power to defy all circumstances of life and remain focused.

As a journey progresses, ambivalence will be awakened and a reassessment of our person is encouraged. The path to success may get altered but our established purpose will remain and evolve with us. Every step in our journey offers new things to consider and our awareness is necessary to distinguish its function.

Belief is required and it is important to persevere through the developments that will occur. Uncertainty is imperative on any journey we choose to complete; our commitment to the quest is our concession to embrace the new lessons we are offered. Progression will alter our perception but it will never deny the ability to succeed. Every new hardship can be accepted with faith that we are ready to proceed to the next level.

Nurture your beliefs and liberate your person from the assumption that hardships are there to condemn you. Embrace your first step, have faith in your potential and awaken the many gifts meant for you. Continuously believe and you shall achieve.