“When nothing is said and nothing is talked about, nothing is understood.”

 Communication is an important asset for a person when interacting with another. It is the way to express our person while opening a gateway towards new knowledge for our self and others. How is another person to know of what we truly want unless we communicate it in a method that is understood by both parties?

There will be times when words are not sufficient for true understanding but, without a genuine effort to associate with another, comprehension cannot be reached. Sometimes we know our desires and we hope that it speaks loudly enough to be understood but without open communication, our purpose becomes lost. It doesn’t mean that only words can be used for understanding, words represent an additional form of communication because reading an individual’s energy will be deceiving when we are not aware of their experiences.

Get to know, within yourself, the things that you desire. Acknowledge your desired purpose. Allow yourself to exceed your limits by communicating with another and reach a desired insight for your person. Every person possesses an individual focus that continuously evolves and sharing thoughts and emotions assists to maintain a simultaneous awareness.

Without a new piece of information, an individual will be limited. The contribution of a differing perspective offers great gifts to every individual, making communication a more complex gift. Speaking with another doesn’t strictly serve to build mutual understanding, it also distributes the opportunity to progress further. Even if another cannot fully realize our experience, sharing our viewpoint may enlighten a new concept for them.

As every individual serves a unique purpose within their lives, every piece of knowledge is equivalent. When the supply of obscure awareness is prevented, a hindrance is placed on the ability to improve. Choosing not to speak creates considerable damage on our person, our relationships and the freedom to flourish. Share your thoughts and feelings and recognize, through open communication a transmission of intelligence is accessible to you and the people around you.