“Immortality is about accepting our life’s originality.”

 Every individual wants to live with knowledge that their existence has meaning. We are all encouraged to set goals to pursue but we are also required to accept that the outcome is not within our control. The simplest way to maintain an immortal life is by being open to the changes that occur and accepting it all as a contribution to our unique individuality.

The energy generated when a motivation is discovered can be overwhelming. The desire to succeed can be blinding, causing reality to be lost. Changes will occur in life to challenge and assess our person. Despite how an alteration creates an imperfection for our vision, every new circumstance offers the opportunity to discover. It may feel like a hardship in the moment but we can never predict the conclusion. It is an individual’s choice to abandon it or pursue it to determine its direction.

The temptation to follow in the steps made by another appears to be simplistic but to proceed on a journey that has been successful for another involves an obligation to be the other person to have the same results. If the desire is to discover who we are meant to be, then looking at another can’t be our chosen motivation. An honest assessment of who we are and who we want to be will determine the course your life will lead.

Acceptance of the endless possibilities that life provides envelops an individual’s curiosity to enhance their growth. Every new moment is a time for living and discovering, just as every contribution we share is an expression of our existence. Awaken your individuality, respect the originality and consent to the opportunity to experience immortality.