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“Letting go” is an obscure art to apply to life and it is strictly an individual’s responsibility to determine if life events are a beneficial preference for their person. Every occurrence in life has potential to hold great meaning, it is all dependent on the perspective a person chooses to have about the memory.

Every situation experienced enlightens insights meant for our person. The direction life will take is reliant on one’s self-awareness. In moments when emotions are heightened, it may be a manifestation of our need to reflect and reassemble the person we desire to be. Uncertainty emerges when we are inclined to advance our person. What type of person do I want to be? Which emotions are most memorable for my person? What forms of growth can be depicted from the situation?

Acknowledgement of our individuality will always influence our choices and the ambitions we wish to accomplish will take precedence. To accomplish comprehension of our person, we are liberated to indulge ourselves to the education life offers. The fundamental consciousness we have of our person dictates the choices we make and, with appreciation, substance in every circumstance can be identified.

Realization that every situation entails significant meaning inspires the dedication to identify purpose. Clarity will be rooted in our mind and organization of our emotions will become effortless. An entire experience isn’t required to be forgotten to achieve the goal of letting go, the only thing we’re required to address are the memories we respect. Moments of turbulent feelings have the capacity to advance our person and it will be the progress that we will cherish and the turmoil that we want to discard. The art of letting go, the competence to decipher what is essential for your person and what needs to be disposed.