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What is empowerment and what can it mean to a person?

I believe that empowerment is a personal journey to assist in character development, the path to individuality. To begin the journey of empowerment, an individual will thirst to recognize an encouragement that inspires a curiosity within to aspire more experience. A strong motivation will lead to the tenure of continuous interest in the journey chosen to pursue.

At the start of the journey, encountered experiences will awaken uncertainty to expand the range of perspective for new possibilities. Everyone commences in an unresolved state, it will be their responsibility to identify a base motivation to permit their development to continue. When the determination to pursue is established, a wide range of opportunities are awakened to help decipher the desired direction of development.

Acceptance of experience consents to the conditions that are associated and offers the practice of refining given abilities and enhancing them for further possibilities. As discoveries continuously evolve, a personal courage must be initiated to persevere through the controversy of life. Endless admission and recognition of experience is required to acknowledge progress and enlightens the ownership to comprehend the efforts placed.

On the path to empowerment, it is an individual responsibility to mandate accomplishment. There can be no other person who will have a full comprehension of the desired achievement. Without personal dedication, direction will easily be modified and personal intentions will get doubted.  Consistent reflection on changes and desired direction will instill focus and realization.

Despite a need for focus, the process to initiate empowerment requires serious concentration and enthusiasm for the journey. An enthusiastic persistence demonstrates both a commitment and a personal connection with the journey that leads to further curiosity and the potential to succeed. When the mindset for success is accomplished, the desired goal is clarified and produces the energy to persevere the journey and sustains the adversity life offers.

When the accomplishment is complete, individual time to reflect on the journey is needed to fortify the memory of the journey. Time of celebration to internalize the situation will launch acknowledgement into its needed place and commence a core confidence that represents the experiences from the desired Journey.