“There is great importance in recognizing your inner conviction; it is the knowledge, in all circumstances, of your personal distinction.”

 Within the Journey of Life, every person explores to determine their individuality. Everyone is provided with a vast assortment of ideas and examples to evaluate. Not every option will be captivating but every opportunity chosen to investigate awakens discovery. Each expedition encountered inclines an individual with freedom to advance and challenges them to practice the knowledge they have obtained.

Curiosity is a beneficial trait to possess when entering a stage of self-discovery. It is motivation for continuance, fueling minds with questions that require answers. Despite experiences that assert a differing purpose, it is beneficial to maintain an open mind to welcome maturity. Giving curiosity the liberty to verify the actuality leads to comprehension and faith in the journey.

The stages of development are never given to us in a detailed form that reduces exploration, they are presented to us mysteriously to inspire our search. Every endeavor chosen provides training, continuous participation for progression. Even events that appear to be obscure may bear a mystical function integrated with our individual development.

The passage to individuality will never include a defined conclusion if an individual perpetually strives to grow. Recognition of an inner conviction will establish a distinction of personality. Through constant practice and personal acknowledgement, an individual characteristic is developed and memorable as a unique, defining feature.