You may accentuate who you are in the many ways you find

But it will never change the real you

It may create a wanted image within your mind

But the image will never evade what is true


Accentuate your person with the abilities you possess

Focus only on what is real

Concentrate on your wanted success

The cycle of life will turn like a wheel


In the world, there are many resources to find to help us to a desired image of our person but, despite our ability to accentuate our person, it is only an image created within our minds and our conceived image is never able to evade our true person, which we express through the actions we make.

It is always a greater decision to affirm our person with the abilities that we possess, a wondrous way to keep our focus on what is real for our person. A concentration on what we wish to strive towards assists to make our dreams more real as we experience the cycle of life. The cycle of life forces us to acknowledge that we will encounter all aspects of life: the good and the bad, the top and the bottom, the successes and the failures, the easy and the hard.

Amidst the journey, among all experiences, your true person will still prevail and a unique and special person you will always be. Live in enjoyment and allow your person to be who you are meant to be.