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In celebration of the past two years that have trained me to have confident certainty in the possibilities my life offers. I can live without Epilepsy, I will live without Epilepsy and I shall live without Epilepsy in peace. I also trust that I possess the potential to explore further opportunities within my life. All the best to my readers! I believe you all can, you all will and you all shall be the person you want to be=)

Every person will be a witness to the affirmed abundance of challenges that will be faced in life. No matter the status of hardship a challenge will adopt, they are all provided to administer your current capabilities and stimulate the potential you have been oblivious of. It is never a wise decision to surrender your privilege to expand your competence because of your present self. To determine your person based on what was and what is will only deprive you of the evolution qualified to emerge for your person.

I can’t. will never be words to place a solid belief in because it is a way of restricting the new opportunities that are presented to our person. Regardless of the difficulty a challenge may entail, a hopeful focus on the desire to acquire the ability will emanate the conviction of I can and will represent a first step towards the revelation of what can be.

When a self-assured spirit has been initiated, our revelation will further progress to the mindset of I will. With a confident trust in I will, the distraction of all adversity becomes oblivious to the desired achievement to complete. The determination to obtain a new victory converts into the energy required to cultivate the accomplishment.

As the journey towards victory perseveres and evolves, there will be various stages of uncertainty that will assess our goals and send us through a repetitious process to maintain our faith. It will always be within our power to decide, “Yes, I can continue and, yes, I will proceed.”

When the belief of I can and I will have been established, the certitude of I shall will derive from your person and confidence in your potentiality will be a part of you.  Never again would you ever feel obligated to believe in the words of I can’t. Live your lives with independent freedom and believe in all the possibilities of what you can be because it will be up to you to know. Just try to remember to trust in your potential and have patience along the process. You can, you will and you shall.