“Never allow ‘easy’ to distort your capabilities; it will only limit your endless possibilities. “

There are times when we get tired of fighting for what we want because the outcome is never ours to control. A path of ease is a temptation that appears to speed up the journey but, without the hard work that ignites our full range of competence, we are diminishing our person and choosing to limit our potential.

By choosing a simple path, the choice to evade new lessons is selected. It remains as a way of maintaining our ability through practice but the opportunity to expand our proficiency is abandoned. We can never control the circumstances life will offer us but, through our resolutions, we are determining the levels of achievement we are going to accomplish.

Even in a situation that feels so overwhelming, the acceptance that it is too much to bear becomes the conviction that your person isn’t worth the efforts that may be required. In a way, giving up is equal to the choice of not loving our self or believing in our person because it prevents us the chance to discover. Without a small attempt to experiment with our power, newfound awareness of our person will be lost. For every opportunity that is presented to our person, it is up to us to determine whether we want to accept or refuse the gift.

Who will be the person to know the dreams you want to acquire? Who will the one to comprehend the details of your dreams? Who will be the one to acknowledge all the capabilities within your mind? It will always be one person and that person is you. You will be the one to know if the journey is worthwhile. You will be the one to realize if the efforts contributed to your dreams. Even if the results don’t appear to align with your desires; within the process of life, you will be the one to realize when alignment has been met.

Never allow a hardship to define your capabilities and never allow easy to evolve into a limitation. For every challenge, you are accepting to develop a new skill. Your persistent effort to pursue your challenge will differentiate the person you are from the person that you were. For every new skill refined, you are unveiling new possibilities your person is capable of conquering. With every acceptance, your possibilities become endless within your life adventure to explore. Never just adhere to what you are dealt, venture out and experience all that you can.