“We may work hard to gain control; but, in the end, it will not be what leads us to become whole.”


Many circumstances and situations will be met within the Journey of Life and it is the desire for control that deceives a person into thinking that they are already whole. Nobody wishes to be told that they are not capable of leading their own life or that they are required to be dependent to live. When individuality is found, a person wishes to discover its full meaning and know that they are capable and independent. Regardless the strength of a person’s motivation, they will still encounter the realization that full control of life does not exist and it isn’t the necessary trait in life that will cooperate with the journey to discover their whole person. It will always be the practice of various occurrences of life that will lead to the discovery of their true person.

Every person begins as a small child who is dependent with the freedom to observe the many things they wish to be able to participate in. As abilities start to progress as children, the discovery of personal preferences and abilities begin to develop and signify the person’s unique individuality.

As life continues to progress, the trials that a person will battle is the training to get to know the exact person they wish to be. The various events of life may feel repetitive and fuel the frustrations within the person but through the training that gets completed, a person becomes more comfortable to practice their unique skills and ways of life.

Despite all the efforts a person will place into planning the outcomes of their life, life will still present the unexpected as an opportunity for a person to learn and grow. It will always come down to what an individual wants within their own life. What type of person do you wish to be remembered as? Which of your unique qualities do you wish to express to the world? In what light do you wish to view your life? Welcome the absence of control and be confident that it is still a part of the process of getting to know your whole person.