Every person is striving towards an image that they have created of what perfection will be for their person. What is perfection? How does it have the power to motivate us? What will we be striving towards when perfection is reached?
What is your personal perception of what perfection will be? How has it been a motivation for you? When your goal is reached, what ambition will you be ready to venture towards next?
The truth is that there is no such thing as perfection. Within a world that consists of so many people that each have unique abilities and have acquired an individual set of experiences; the image of perfection is simply a personal vision that serves as a motivation to continually progress within our lives. There will be many aspects of perfect that we will consider and unforeseen prospects that we may acknowledge in an unexpected moment. A person’s perfection will continue to evolve with their person and continuously give them reason to develop and change the person they have been.
Don’t focus too much on your perception of what is perfect, remember to enjoy the opportunities that it presents to allow you to grow. Life is continual and consistently reveals access to procedures that you will be unaccustomed to. Accept your capabilities and acknowledge the person you can be. Whether you reach perfect or you remain imperfect; allow yourself continuous growth to be the special contribution you are meant to be.