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“In many ways we wish to assist; but, sometimes, we just have to resist.” -Astrid Hardjana-Large

Within the many experience in life, we will have moments when we wish to help another person to reach their excellence but we have to realize that the best way to be a help is by stepping back and allowing it to happen. This is the greatest and most difficult lesson for a parent to learn.

As a parent, we care deeply for our children and we wish for them to get the most out of their lives. We are unable to predict where life will be taking them but we wish to help them to build their abilities so that they may survive. We watch our children contributing their best efforts to complete their homework and sometimes we wish to give them the answers so that they may complete their work with perfection but we have to remember that if we did their work for them, they would not be gaining the experience of learning.

We may wish to be a help to another for them to find true happiness but we have to remember that the journey belongs to the person and it is within their control. Sometimes the greatest assistance to provide is the support to allow the other person to be who they were meant to be.