There are many great amazements to encounter in our lives and many may take place as perfection within our minds; we are consumed with excitement and we wish to share with the world but is it truly possible to have everyone follow our path to accomplish the same achievement? When we express our advice to the people around us, are we doing it for them or are we doing it for our person? Wherever our intentions lie, purpose still exists as long as we find control over the force we exhibit to the people we wish to assist.

Opportunity awaits us all in every new circumstance that life offers. We each have a calling that we wish to pursue and we share our perceptions out of care but we can never truly know where the person we care for is being called to within their lives. The perceptions that we have may provide a resource for the person that we are but they may not hold the same potential for another individual that retains a different set of capabilities and experiences. It will always be wise to share our knowledge but it would be best achieved when we perform without any expectation for a separate individual to comply.

Contribute your wisdom to the maturing recipients around you and allow them to experiment with what is best for their person. Every new perspective is a new piece of information to reflect and acknowledge upon for the Journey of Life. Regardless of how your insight may be recognized, when you share you are granting a new opportunity for advancement within another individual to concede.

Go forth and share your wisdom with all that you meet. It may not all be accepted right away but we never know what that seed of knowledge will mean to another upon their Journey of Life.