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What is a family and why is a grounded sense of family beneficial for life?

Family is a basic social unit that consists of parents and their children. A grounded sense of family is beneficial for life because it represents a foundational support that perseveres through the journey of life. Members of a family will continuously gather to harvest respect and love for one another, nourishing the essential needs of every individual.

A family is a familiar unit of care that is trusted and relied upon. They represent a haven that is willing to accept despite the adverse circumstances life administers. A family requires continuous maintenance of a loving bond.

A family is comprised of an assortment of individuals that garner unique sets of beliefs, motivations and knowledge. A loving family is always an integration of individual spirits that belong to a whole and are respected for their luminous amity among the various generations of members.

Beginning life with a comprehension of family yields a strong and affectionate foundation for life that inspires to consistently be loving, accepting and respectful. Families provide wondrous education for living and socializing. They consistently remain a home for comfort and learning. Together, with our families, we have the power to endure the trials and tribulations that life offers as gifts.