“Love cannot truly feel true until you have found the ability to love you.” -Astrid Hardjana-Large

When a strong conviction has been implanted in our minds, there will be nothing to alter our belief except our choice to amend the sentiment. Sometimes various people will tell us how valuable we are to them but due to our fear to acknowledge the gifts we possess, we assume that the words are empty and untrue.

When we each begin our journey, we are guided by a caregiver that is the source of our beliefs and a support as we venture into our personal adventures. As we discover our person and distinguish our person, we develop our ability to recognize and appreciate our person. When personal recognition does not pertain to a person then acceptance from another will be diverted. Until we feel open to approve of the beautiful person that we are, there is nothing that we will hear that will feel legitimate.

Please feel free to recognize the powers that you own and appreciate the gift that you are within this world. Without the love that emanates from your person, acceptance will perish and you will be succumbing to your fears. Find your courage and acknowledge your person. It will begin with you and develop into a mutual agreement among the many friends you get acquainted with.